School of Social Innovation (MFU Soc-In) was established on May 21, 2014 as the 13th School of Mae Fah Luang University.  It aims to create the innovative body of knowledge regarding development for Thailand and the Greater Mekong Sub-region through the cross border and area-based researches. In addition, the School also intends to incubate the eligible pundits who can apply academic knowledge and tools to tackle with and invent appropriate solutions for comlicated social problems in the 21st century effectively.

          The School was established with the realization of the globalized and dynamic contemporary world. At the global level, the triumph and expansion of global capitalism, the increasing roles of the civil societies at both local and international levels following democratization, and the development paradigm shift towards sustainability have played a significant role on development policy process of developing countries. At the regional level, the regional integration, particularly ASEAN Community is approaching, which brings both opportunities and challenges to people of the region. Under this circumstances, MFU Soc-In intends to provide the study program which consists of theories and practical instruments to enable students to catch up the social changes and design a creative society by innovative new social tools.


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