Research & Publication


                Surrounded by flourishing agricultural communities, Mae Fah Luang University takes active role in agro-industry with pride.  The School of Agro-Industry now put strong focus on both foundational and applied research.  The resultant knowledge and innovations empower academical progress and economic profits among industries and communities.  Such endeavors also breed seeds of cooperation among educational institutes, private sectors, and government offices nationally and internationally.  The expected consequence is the body of knowledge which could be transformed into practical action for communities and industries.


               The 3 core essences of our research are as follows. We emphasize the studies which add marketing value to local agricultural products. We increase food safety principle for better hygienic productions. And we boost cooperative measures with private sectors. All the 3 guidelines are based on foundation and implementation findings.


               Along the 12 years of growth, agricultural products in the School of Agro-Industry handling are tea, vegetable, fruit, and freshwater fish.  The gradual progression of the school has been accelerated and gained faster pace over years.  Internal and external supports, wide range of academic publication, and related social services reflect sustainable growth of our research endeavor.  Recently major studies of the research teams include tea and tea related products; vegetables and fruits namely pineapple, pomelo, and sugar palm; packaging development and application; functional foods and food safety; meat and seafood products and utilization of agricultural waste.

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